Holiday Bungalow Anuradhapura

Main Bungalow

The bungalow has been built 5 feet above ground level to overlook the Kuda Kalaththewa tank

  • 2 bedrooms with common toilet
  • Sitting area
  • Dining room
  • Pantry


  • 2 bedrooms with attached toilets and hot water
  • Sitting area
Multi-Purpose Open Air Hall : 30‘ x 30’ with attached toilet
Driver’s Room : a driver’s room for 2 is available with separate toilet and shower
Meals: A cook is available to prepare meals on prior notice, for which a reasonable service charge may be paid to the cook. Dry ration should be provided by you.
Location: Dambulla-Anuradhapura Road
Distance to Anuradhapura: 5 kms
Extent of the land: 4 acres coconut land
Address: Mihindu Mawatha, Kuda Kalaththewa Kalaththewa, Anuradhapura
No. of Occupants: Not exceeding 10 persons
Proposed Rent per day: Rs.6,600 inclusive of taxes
Check in: 12 noon
Check out: 12 noon

TV and Radio available.


For Bookings

Contact our head

office ( Firoza on 011 755 5557 - EXT. 218)


  • Optional membership of the international SYC&S program
  • Lucas battery mobile service - available on call within Colombo Municipal Limits for checking, replacing, servicing of batteries (+94 77 7751208, Mr H. Kannangara)
  • Champion' Spark Plugs 15%
  • Discounts on motor insurance