Free Legal Defence

Legal assistance is provided to members for any offence under the Motor Traffic Act in any Magistrate's Court in the country and also in respect of ownership of a private motor vehicle of a member.

Discounted Special Services:

  • If roadside repair is not possible, the Road Patrol will tow the member's vehicle to a garage of his choice.
  • Members may obtain their motor and other insurance through the Association.
  • Vehicle washing.
  • Members can obtain the services of our registered drivers for temporary assignments.
  • Purchase of batteries, spare parts, tyres, servicing and hiring of vehicles at discounted prices.
  • Loan batteries and battery charging.


  • Optional membership of the international SYC&S program
  • Lucas battery mobile service - available on call within Colombo Municipal Limits for checking, replacing, servicing of batteries (+94 77 7751208, Mr H. Kannangara)
  • Lucas Electrical Spares 15%
  • Champion' Spark Plugs 15%