Holiday Bungalow Nuwara Eliya

The Automobile Association of Ceylon provides its members a holiday bungalow in Nuwara Eliya.

Location: No.5/5 Unique Road, Nuwara Eliya (Next to Alpine Hotel)
Details: One bedroom with attached bath Two bedrooms with common bathroom
Fee: Rs.6,900/- per day
Meals: Caretaker will prepare food. You can buy the provisions or Caretaker will buy on your behalf, on your request. You should pay a reasonable amount to the Caretaker for preparation of meals
Heating: On a charge of Rs.500 per day - per room
Gas: Rs.500/- per day if meals are prepared in the bungalow
Number of Occupants: 6 Persons
Check-in: 1:00 pm
Check-out: 12 noon on the following day
Official Receipt: An official receipt in duplicate should be obtained from the General Office for the payment made for the reservation of the holiday bungalow. This yellow colour receipt has to be produced to the Caretaker on arrival. The original could be retained by you.
Bed Linen & Towels: Provided
Entertainment: Television and DVD Player
Remarks: Your observation and comments are welcome to improve our service
Cancellation: 2 days prior to the day of booking. 25% surcharge
Refundable Deposit: Rs.5,000/-

No extra days allowed unless permission is obtained from the Secretary (Mobile 0722755555) or the Consultant (Mobile 0722755556) depending on availability

Call our at AAC office

For bookings
Contact our head office:
(Firoza on 011 7555557 - Extn. 218)


  • Optional membership of the international SYC&S program
  • Lucas battery mobile service - available on call within Colombo Municipal Limits for checking, replacing, servicing of batteries (+94 77 7751208, Mr H. Kannangara)
  • Champion' Spark Plugs 15%
  • Discounts on motor insurance