Holiday Bungalow Weerawila

The Automobile Association of Ceylon is pleased to announce that two holiday bungalows are available to its members at weerawila.

Bungalow A Consists of 2 rooms, air-conditioned with attached bathrooms.
At least 6-8 persons could be accomodated.
Hot water facility available
Refundable Deposit Rs.5,000/-
Bungalow B Consists of 2 air-conditioned room. 1 large hall with single 4 beds partitioned by a short wall. Attached bathrooms. Also another single bed in an alcove. The bungalow could accommodate 9 persons. Refundable Deposit Rs.5,000/-

Each Bungalow has a separate hall,dining and kitchen area.

The bungalows are situated on a one acre land surrounded by the Weerawila Lake and luscious green vegetation.

Location: On the Hambantota-Wellawaya road by the side of 261st mile post, closer to the weerawila Air Force Camp.
Bungalow A 7100.00 284.00 923.00 8307.00
Bungalow B 5200.00 208.00 676.00 6084.00
Check In: 1:00 pm Check Out: 12 noon on the following day
Gas: Rs.500/- per day per bungalow

If provisions are made available the food will be prepared by the Caretaker for which a reasonable amount as service charge may be paid.

Only bed linen is available.

Both bungalows have LED TVs with PEO connection and Wi Fi facilities.

Arrangements could be made for Wildlife Safaries to Yala / Bundala / Udawalawe National Parks from Weerawila. Contact Mr Hinni Mahathaya 0777918896 (Payments direct to him)

From our bungalow the distance to Kataragama and Krinde are 20 and 25 kms respectively

For Bookings

Contact our head

office ( Firoza on 011 755 5557 - EXT. 218)


  • Optional membership of the international SYC&S program
  • Lucas battery mobile service - available on call within Colombo Municipal Limits for checking, replacing, servicing of batteries (+94 77 7751208, Mr H. Kannangara)
  • Champion' Spark Plugs 15%
  • Discounts on motor insurance