Ensuring Road Safety

The Association continues to play an active role in promoting road safety and ensures that necessary safety measures are implemented by drawing the attention of the authorities concerned.

Several important suggestions such as defective traffic lights; damaged signal sign boards; over loading and foot board traveling on private and public transport; obstruction to pedestrian crossings; unauthorised structures on highways; flooding; unauthorised advertising boards obstructing highways ; speeding of vehicles on wrong tracks, wayside garage menace; beggar menace at pedestrian crossings and the use of unleaded petrol were a few of the subjects taken up by the Association with the authorities concerned.

The Association has also made appeals to the Honorable Deputy Defence Minister in regard to the parking difficulties in Colombo City.

The Association is also represented on the Committee for Amendments to the Motor Traffic Act, which will be hereafter known as ” Road Safety Act “.

Automobile Association of Ceylon ensures a thorough examination and complete repairs through our mechanical services.