Past Presidents

The AAC has been privileged to be under the distinguished patronage of successive Heads of State; during colonial times the Governors of Ceylon lent their patronage to the Association, and since the Declaration of Independence in 1948, the Patron of the Association was the then Governor-General of Ceylon. Since 1972, the President of Sri Lanka […]

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The young Automobile Club was nurtured in the hills of Kandy from 1904 until 1925. Thereafter, the headquarters moved to Colombo and was housed in the Ceylon Chambers of Commerce building in Fort up to 1938. Due to the growth of the Association, the Association shifted to Iceland Building Galle Face in 1946. Thereafter, shifted

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Vision & Mission

Vision To be the essential network of communication among its motoring members. Membership of the AAC must be relevant, helpful and attractive – in a word. Indispensable. Mission The AAC is the leading and most successful body in Sri Lanka concerned with motoring, touring, road assistance services and leisure. It works to safeguard freedom of

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