Did you know?

The first accident – In 1771 the first accident involving a motor vehicle took place in Paris when a steam tractor hit a low wall in the grounds of the Paris arsenal. The first Act – The Locomotives and Highway Act was the first piece of British motoring legislation. This was also known as the […]

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Pre-Trip Checkup

A 10 minute pre – trip check-up can pay off. Car Care Council offers three suggestions for a traveler’s 10-minute pre-trip checklist Check all fluids. There are several fluids, in addition to antifreeze, that require attention, including engine oil power steering, brake and transmission fluids and windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant. Check hoses and belts.

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Child Safety

Establish road safety practices and routines in children at an early age as they are curious and want to explore. Protect and supervise children in all traffic situations. Talk with children about road safety in ways they would understand. Watch their movements and never leave them unattended especially in the vicinity of a road. Young

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Driver Fatigue

Being sleepy, tired or exhausted affects the driver both physiologically and psychologically. Driver fatigue weakens judgment on the road. Drivers’ ability to judge their own level of tiredness decreases, which is the most dangerous symptom of being tired. Other symptoms could vary between drivers Slow reactions Yawning Tired or sore eyes Restlessness Missing road signs

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